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WELCOME my cozy and magical corner of the universe.

It might be a little different than what you're used to.


healing and living are art forms.

​... we operate from the knowing that you and I are Nature.

… we only subscribe to a philosophy of self and life which is all-embracing.

… we do not believe in your brokenness or wrongness, nor seek to fix it.

… the ‘negative symptoms’ society seeks to appease in you, are actually an expression of your greatest gifts.

... we revere the body, nature, dreams, and the magic of the subconscious (rather than trying to erase them from existence).

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I will never seek to mold you into something more palatable. 

I help you recover the keys to a more radical inclusion of your own self, and reintroduce you to a form of belonging that comes from your own authenticity.

What you learn with me is how to experience and navigate life in a way that is unique to you.
You will connect with your own essential blueprint.

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It's special that you're here.

This work together is confronting to our conditioned identities. Not everyone is ready to begin, because it is world-shifting.

But if your soul is ready for it… if your being has been asking, yearning, begging for it… its results are profound.

Even when our work together finishes, this connection with your essence can never be taken away from you.

In fact, the impact from our work often lasts — and grows — far beyond its completion.

It is an infinite resource from which you will be able to steer all that comes into your life from your own truth and magic.

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'Somatic' means 'body-based.'

All of our sessions together include the Body. We can work together with anything coming up in your life - but we will do so in a way that involves not only the mind, but the messages and intuition (and the incredible full-spectrum life force) that come from the body.


The body is the home of the subconscious, which accounts for a large majority of our perception and decision-making.

Most talk therapy only addresses the conscious mind, which is why results are usually limited and short-lived.

By including the body, we can find out what we really feel and who we really are at an essential level — and change occurs in a foundational and lasting way.


A session (whether as a group or 1:1) can include not only conversation, but also breath, sound, movement, and various other exercises.

For the time of your session with Elsa, be sure to be in a private space which allows you to feel comfortable to speak, move and explore freely - and very likely to try something new.

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Welcome to my virtual space.

Make yourself at home.

Browse. Take a seat. Take a sip. Enjoy what you take in.

There is lots to explore here. Walk the rooms — or skip around, if that's your vibe! A crawl, a sprint, a lounge, a skip about — it's all fair game around here. ​You may notice this is a strange world to you — or perhaps it feels relieving and familiar. Where you're at is perfect. You can sign up for my email list. Try an intro workshop. Or you may know that it's time to dive into the deep waters with me. Whatever suits you.

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Enjoying it here?

Join my email community.
You'll receive my writings and be the first to hear of new opportunities to work with me.

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