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As a former classical pianist, I am well versed in the musicality of life.

I find somatic work to be deeply musical... I listen for the notes that your very core emits - and together, we build your life in alignment with that.

I do this work because so needed this work. For two decades, I had been ambivalent about being in a body and being alive on Earth. Coming into my body changed everything about me and I finally came home to this life.

(The body does not lie, though we do.)

Everything I do I have experienced firsthand.

Like music, the work I do is beyond me - it comes through me.


My Story

I graduated from Harvard College with a B.A. in Neurobiology, magna cum laude.

After college, I continued to study and receive my certifications as a practitioner of the Grinberg Method and Pantarei Approach, modalities which address mental and emotional patterns as they manifest in the body. I am also a Certified Coach, and have studied inside of the lineages of Elder Malidoma Somé and Dave Burns (founder of The Business Monk).

Encountering somatic work as a client in my early twenties changed my life. To my own surprise, I discovered that my ‘mental’ disenchantment and struggle were intimately connected to tensions I was holding in my stomach. Each time I left a somatic session, I would experience sensations, ease of movement, and mental states I had never experienced before inside my daily life — and colors were notably more vivid.

Globally, every aspect of my life changed within a period of four months — and all these changes were connected to my stomach muscles and the allowance of sensation and emotion there.

In a culture that practically teaches and rewards disembodiment, there is a collective lostness... and we often forget to come back to our only permanent home — the body. We tend to approach wellness by seeking answers externally and getting farther away from ourselves. Instead, we could be come to the only place we can ever be. With the help of sessions, once you begin feeling and listening into your body, it will unveil unending secrets as to who you can be — and most importantly, how well you can feel, no matter where you are.

My credentials are secondary. They are not what matters to me, nor eventually to those who work with me. Often, those who are pulled to me are pulled for untranslatable reasons - deep-feeling resonance, irrational curiosity, synchronicity, faith. (Even a dream in which my name came into someone's mind, a complete stranger to me, and she searched on Google for me.)


The tangible, external results of my work are noteworthy, sometimes even borderline miraculous, and/but come from nothing but those I work with coming more deeply into who they are. Coming from who you are has to matter to you, because that is our starting point.

I am allergic to dissonance. I have a spidey-sense for when what is presented is different from what is authentically present, and I will call it out. If you are attached to pretending, performance, or superficial outcomes, it will not work.

I will call you into no one but yourself.

I only listen for what is Real, and I am in love with it.

Client results range from carrying new creative projects from birth to completion, to money successes, to erotic expansion, to holistic well-being - which is why I cannot reduce my work to a client archetype nor a domain of life. My work touches all parts of life, and I have learned better than to limit it.

A taster of client celebrations...

Reading this list, I smile, most of all, to notice how much variety there is: 
achievement and material success, and major career pivots, but also the heart of human relationships, family, the tenderness of eros and real - not easy - self-love.

In a group program, all participants loving each other so much they flew internationally to spend a holiday together.


Quitting a conventional job she’s had for ten years, and then starting a private practice which attracted a full roster of twenty-four clients within months


Menstruating for the first time in six years


Launching and getting paid for her first creative entrepreneurial program — which was a huge hit


Teaching a course on a subject they *desire* to teach, for the first time. This class — on a (ahem) very unconventional subject — was approved by the graduate program of their University and received tremendous feedback from students


Passing their graduate exams “with distinction” (an honor they had never seen before), accompanied by a congratulatory letter by the chair of their department

Expressing her hurt to her parents for the first time in her life, and hearing “I’m sorry” from her father, also for the first time in her life

With a partner of three years, for the first time: no longer concealing anything from each other, receiving an amount of adoration from him that “seems impossible", him *demanding* to hear her desires so he can fulfill them, and the best s*x so far

Having an epic, juicy summer-long adventure with a friend turned lover


Basking in her own beauty every time she looks in the mirror, for the first time

Collectively receiving thousands of dollars “miraculously” — as gifts of goodwill, without work

Opening an unprecedented channel of creativity and becoming a multi-media artist, including composing music for her own instrument performance students

Hear from clients directly...

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The humans who come to me are usually deep feelers (as I believe we all are)... whether they know it or not... and they learn to tap into and navigate their sensitivity and enormous capacity to feel as a strength, rather than a hindrance. 

The currents of energy in the body transcend domains. Creative, bodily, emotional, relational, sensual, and erotic intelligence are one and the same…

This ‘somatic intelligence’ is a powerful asset... yet one that is missing from our education and conditioning, which focuses heavily on mental and practical intelligence. As a result, being endowed with this kind of 'body-intelligence' comes without an ‘instruction manual’, so to speak… and is often interpreted as a curse rather than a gift. 

Somatic intelligence is a completely different playing field with its own rules — like swimming in water rather than walking on earth, for example…

In our work together, we remove the blockages to the organic flow of life force. There is an innate wisdom in our body that, unhindered, knows how to function optimally. It reveals who we are, returns us to the gravitational pull of our well-being, and directs our lives and relationships.

As our particular, unique ‘somatic blueprint’ emerges — emerges, too, an ability to think *generatively* — organically, effortlessly, and in flow (rather than destructively or mechanically). We operate from our holistic genius.

We develop coherence in the body-mind-spirit circuit — all parts of our operating system align and become one and the same.

We come into physical and psychic wholeness: a vessel whose parts are in harmony and creative lucidity.

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